Alex Jones morphs into a ‘Karen’: InfoWars host uses megaphone to yell at teen lifeguards enforcing COVID-19 rules

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He'll also morph into a "Karen," and shout at kids volunteering as lifeguards about doing their job in Texas.

Yes the conspiracy theory peddler - the guy who claimed the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax - is embarrassing once more.

Jones also discussed the incident on his InfoWars show.

Video showed a sweaty Jones using a megaphone to yell at the teenage lifeguards posted at the springs to enforce COVID-19 safety measures.

Unsurprisingly, that hasn't embarrassed Jones at all because he is using his website to try to rally more people to return to the park at noon Saturday to "Go Swimming With Alex" at noon and to "Protest park closures."

The park reopened on Monday, according to the story, but those looking to visit have to book a reservation as it attempts to curb large gatherings during the pandemic.

Jones, who according to the report was issued a warning by the FDA in April for "Pedaling fakes cures for the virus," claims those rules are "Unconstitutional."

He was, apparently, set off after his wife visited the park Monday without a reservation and was denied entry.

Alex showed up, got sweaty and took the kids to task.

"Now you guys use your COVID hoax, to like, set a checkpoint up to take over the parks and start charging," Jones barked at the teenagers.

"This is an illegal power grab of the people's Greenbelt, and it is time to free Austin," he rants.

Who was not wearing a mask, turns his attention to a masked teenager seated a table.

"I'm a lifeguard for Barton Springs," the teenager replied.

"You're a lifeguard for Barton Springs, now part of the criminal power grab," Jones shouts at him.

"This is outrageous criminal activity," he exclaims.

"This is the seizure of the infrastructure of Austin."

Sweaty and loud and the teens altogether disinterested in the sad display.

A tweet by ProPublica journalist Jessica Huseman might have best put it in perspective.

"I imagine showing up at a park and harassing some teens with a bull horn and having those teens ignore you and then laugh is pretty humbling even if you are Alex Jones."