Art of the tantrum: Trump's bewildering, doomed attempt to play savior

Published by SALON.COM

Donald Trump Trump's executive orders are confusing and unconstitutional - and likely to hurt his own voters.

Apparently Trump wants to take money from other sources to give unemployed people $300 a week, but only if states can put up another $100 - unless Trump decides that certain states are exempt.

The plan will apparently require states to retool their unemployment systems, which under these conditions they simply won't be able to do.

Trump spent the first part of his rally speech railing against Democrats for wanting to give relief to states and localities.

According to NPR, most of the 50 states, not just "Democrat states," are in economic distress if not dire peril.

As for these blue states being badly run and therefore unworthy of federal help, consider California, the largest such example.

There will be a collapse of consumer demand because people are not getting their unemployment benefits and we're going to see a collapse of government spending at the state and local level because the states and cities are running out of money.

Recall that Trump initially believed the pandemic was only affecting blue states, so his smart political play was to do nothing and blame Democratic governors for all the death and destruction.

Since there are plenty of Republican-led states that need that money too, it seems as if this obsession with refusing to help state and local governments isn't an electoral strategy at all.

Trump knows that the legal system moves slowly and the election is just weeks away, so he figures he can play savior without any consequences.