Australia signs agreement with Oxford to guarantee supply of potential COVID-19 vaccine

Published by ABC.NET.AU

There are currently more than 160 vaccine candidates in pre-clinical and clinical trials, including 29 undergoing clinical trials in humans.

Several of those are being conducted in Australia, with human trials underway for a potential vaccine developed by the University of Queensland.

Mr Morrison said as a result, the Government was not confining its search for a vaccine to just the Oxford University candidate.

He said there were continuing discussions with many parties around the world, while backing Australia's own researchers.

Stay up-to-date on the coronavirus outbreakThe work is part of the Government's new COVID-19 vaccine and treatment strategy, headed by an advisory group established to help the Government acquire a portfolio of safe and effective vaccinations.

The advisory group is led by Department of Health Secretary Brendan Murphy, and it is understood the Government's entire vaccine strategy will be worth billions of dollars.