Admitted KKK leader who drove through crowd of protesters found guilty on multiple charges

Published by NBC12.COM

Summary generated on August 10, 2020

    RICHMOND, Va. - An admitted KKK leader who drove through a crowd of protesters in Henrico in June has been found guilty on multiple charges.

    Henrico Police say on June 7, Harry Rogers, 36, a Hanover County resident, drove his blue pickup truck into a crowd, injuring a cyclist.

    Initially, he was facing charges in connection with one protester, but after new video came to light, more charges were added.

    Hate crimes were specifically added after a lead investigator in the case says KKK paraphernalia was found inside Rogers' residence and in his car, including his robe and his Klan bible.

    Rogers was found guilty of four misdemeanor assault charges but the judge did not convict Rogers on the hate-crime enhancement charges.

    The judge said the fact that the victims were white didn't fit the hate-crime charges.

    Three attempted malicious wounding charges were certified to the grand jury for a Sept. 14 court date.