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Summary generated on August 18, 2020

    This booster's career began nearly two years ago.

    Working with investors in effort to outbid Microsoft after Trump divestment order.

    There's no silver bullet, but "Eye-cow" technique is one available tool for farmers.

    Fortnite is just one game; Unreal Engine powers dozens more.

    Cities demand 5% of revenue, claim online video uses "Public rights of way."

    Agencies' ability to purchase any data on the open market is a big loophole.

    Broken encryption unlocks gameplay from 22-year-old cabinets.

    The new program is a compromise that represents a change in Apple's strategy.

    Ars had plans to drive the ID.3, but then the coronavirus came along.

    The cremated remains are a reminder of what archaeology can, and can't, tell us.

    Pre-race quarantine worked, and the packed season finale delivered good racing.

    Xe LP graphics in Tiger Lake laptops are only the first part of the story.

    Engaging premise + nice scenery + stars + action + some humor = pairs well with popcorn.

    DOJ says an agent of the terrorist organization operated

    Cellular structure of compound eye preserved in beautiful detail.

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    A cable cut a large gash into the telescope-who knows when it will be back in working order.

    Amazon has patched the flaw, but remember to lock down your voice assistant interactions.

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    Court kills ban on interconnection fees because FCC didn't defend merger condition.

    Regulators find toxic 1-propanol as well as methanol in some products.

    Limiting greenhouse gases is apparently not part of "Environmental protection."

    Ars chats with the show's VFX team about the challenges for this time-jumping season.

    Documents show more than half of the sacks of explosive ammonium nitrate were torn by 2014.

    Ookla tests aren't showing the gigabit speeds SpaceX teased, but it's early.

    Microsoft, and Nintendo demand the same platform control-and the same 30% fee.

    Lithium metal batteries could increase EV range, but longevity must improve.

    The earliest members of our species slept on piles of grass alongside warm hearth fires.

    Scholars pan the ruling, describing one part as "Crazy" and "a bit of a mess."