Bald eagle attacks state’s $950 drone in U.P., sends it to bottom of Lake Michigan -

Published by MLIVE.COM

Summary generated on August 13, 2020

    The drone was being operated by a pilot for the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy when the July 21 attack occurred.

    EGLE quality analyst and drone pilot Hunter King was on his fourth mapping run of the day with the drone, capturing images of shoreline erosion so the state agency can document how recent high-water levels have affected the Great Lakes and give them data on which communities need help coping with damage.

    The pilot said the drone was about seven minutes into its mapping flight when he noticed that its satellite reception was getting weak.

    Flight data showed the drone had hit the lake about 150 feet from shore, and landed in 4 feet of water.

    Here were the ill-fated flight's final moments, according to the drone data released by EGLE:.The eagle strike occurred 7:39.7 into the flight, roughly four-tenths of a mile from King and 162 feet above the water.