Coronavirus found on frozen food packaging in Chinese cities

Published by NBCNEWS.COM

Summary generated on August 13, 2020

    The discovery comes a day after the virus was found on the packaging of the frozen shrimp imported from Ecuador during another routine inspection at a restaurant in the southeast city of Wuhu, health officials there reported.

    Last month, Chinese health officials have also reported coronavirus presence on imported frozen food packaging in the cities of Dalian, Xiamen and Pingxiang.

    China reported 19 new cases on Thursday, the first time the number of new cases has dropped below 20 since a big spike of 127 cases on July 30, the highest since March 5.

    84,756 cases were reported by Chinese health officials, including 4,634 deaths.

    The country's health officials reported 13 new community infections, all linked to the original 4 cases, on Thursday.