Coronavirus prompts closing of Georgia high school in district with over 1K in quarantine

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Summary generated on August 12, 2020

    A Georgia school district that does not require masks has closed a high school and now has over 1,100 students and staff in quarantine due to the coronavirus.

    The Cherokee County School District, based in Canton about 40 miles north of Atlanta, made the announcement Tuesday, just eight days after its schools reopened.

    He said the high school had 14 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 15 tests pending as of Tuesday morning.

    In total, the district has 59 confirmed cases of the virus, Hightower said.

    It also has 1,156 students and 37 staff in quarantine, according to a district list.

    Hightower warned that because the coronavirus cases are predominantly at the district's high schools more of those schools could be closed.

    The Cherokee County district - which has an enrollment of 42,000, of whom over 30,000 are receiving in-person instruction - recommends but does not require students to wear masks.

    The superintendent said in his statement that wearing masks may help prevent the closure of more schools.

    Prior to the reopening of schools on Aug. 3, some teachers and parents protested the district's plan.

    In July, dozens of demonstrators, including teachers, protested outside a school board meeting, according to Georgia Public Broadcasting.

    Some teachers resigned before the school year started due to safety concerns, according to to the Cherokee Tribune.

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