Facebook post causes offence to Muslims who go on violent rampage in Bangalore as psychologist in Spain warns of its dangers


Summary generated on August 12, 2020

    A Facebook post that offended Muslims starts a violent rampage that sees a police station attacked and the burning of a politician's house leaving three dead as a psychologist in Spain warns of its dangers.

    A MINIMUM of three people are dead in Bangalore overnight as a police station was attacked and a politician's house and cars torched.

    A derogatory post about the Prophet Mohammed sparked the violence after the posting appeared on Facebook and the Muslims went on the rampage.

    As the police force battled to quell the rioters with tear gas and batons, officers took the order to fire live rounds from their guns from the head of police as they became overpowered whilst rioters set alight cars in the street.

    In the violence, created by the Facebook posting, 60 officers are known as injured after the riot as the Muslims hunted down a local politician's son for making the posting.

    The commissioner went on to reveal that the lawmaker's son was also under arrest.

    Facebook is yet to comment on the issue, although a leading psychologist in Spain, Julian Jenkins went on to say how he feels Facebook is becoming a danger to society all over the world including Spain.