Franklin County parents charged after child found dead in hot car

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Summary generated on August 10, 2020

    FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ala. - Two Franklin County parents face criminal charges after their 3-year-old child was found dead in a hot car Sunday.

    The pair told Franklin County Deputies that they put their 3-year-old boy to bed around midnight Saturday.

    When they awoke Sunday around 3 p.m. they found the boy in their car.

    The Sheriff's Office says they were called to respond around 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

    Emergency medical personnel tried to provide aid, but the child was already dead. Franklin County Sheriff Shannon Oliver says the parents' story doesn't add up.

    "It was reported that they put the child to bed at midnight and then they went to sleep and slept until two or 3:00 PM that day and you know that's a long. For that child for nobody to have any contact with that child," said Oliver.

    Sheriff Oliver says the parents told his deputies when they woke up, they couldn't find their 3 year old toddler, until they looked inside a vehicle parked outside of their apartment on Church street in the town of Hodges, Alabama.

    Becky saw all of the sheriff deputies and first responders who showed up to the apartment Sunday afternoon.

    Sheriff Oliver says the child's body was sent in for a forensics autopsy and that the case remains under investigation.

    Members of lawenforcement want to remind you to never leave a child or pet inside of a car unattended.