Fresno man who died trying to save drowning kids in Kings River identified - ABC30 Fresno

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Summary generated on August 9, 2020

    REEDLEY, Calif. - On Wednesday evening at Reedley Beach, as three kids were swept away in the Kings River, a brave bystander saw the children being pulled by the current and jumped in, only to drown himself.

    Singh came to the United States two years ago from India and recently moved to Fresno to start a trucking business.

    "He went in to try to help them and unfortunately went under pretty quickly and never came back up," said Reedley Police Commander Marc Ediger.

    It took rescue crews 40 minutes to find Singh and pull him out of the water.

    Reedley Police said this time of year the water can be dangerous and deceiving.

    The area beyond the shore dramatically drops off, and the current picks up.

    "I think the kids waded out too far and started being carried by the current under the bridge," said Ediger.