Klamath Falls man accused of depositing dead aunt’s Social Security checks for 43 years, pocketing $460 K - oregonlive.com


Summary generated on August 13, 2020

    The case of a purported 114-year-old Brooklyn woman who'd been collecting benefits for 43 years raised eyebrows among officials in the anti-fraud government's Social Security Administration.

    Records from the Social Security Administration show that the agency started sending monthly retirement benefits in her name in 1977.

    Investigators from the Social Security Administration's Inspector General's Office soon learned that the victim's nephew owned the Klamath Falls parcel service and had collected and deposited his aunt's monthly checks for more than four decades.

    30, one of the biggest deceased beneficiary frauds in Social Security Administration history, according to Gail S. Ennis, Social Security's Inspector General.

    Investigators from the Social Security Office of the Inspector General's Seattle field division and the U.S. Postal Inspector's Service in Seattle handled the case.