Lyft driver rapes blind female passenger, may still be driving for Uber.


Summary generated on August 16, 2020

    A Lyft safety officer dismissed a blind rape victim's complaint, telling her 'we'll cooperate with police if we need to'.

    "The Lyft driver seemed pretty nice and we had a normal conversation. I had pre-ordered what I wanted, so I just had to pick it up at customer service."

    The Lyft driver followed Brittany into the store and offered to escort her back to his car.

    To this day, Brittany does not know if Christopher is still driving for Lyft because Lyft's safety officer refused to give her any information on his status.

    Brittany would like to see Lyft hire female safety officers, who would likely be more sympathetic to a woman's pleas for help.

    Her case stands as a clear example of why Lyft and Uber need to share information on predator-drivers.

    It turns out that Christopher was also an Uber driver, so even if he was booted from the Lyft platform he still poses a danger to female passengers.