Naked man caught on CCTV showering in car wash

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Summary generated on August 25, 2020

    Geoff Bowen, from Parkland's Car and Dog Wash in Meridan Plains, arrived at work earlier this month to find a water gun left on the ground.

    "I just quickly looked at it to see if anything needs attention and I saw that and I backtracked from there," he told

    In the footage, the man - holding his hand over his crotch - grabs a hose from the wall then hands it to his companion filming on their phone.

    He ducks, dives and jumps repeatedly as he is blasted with the chemicals and chased by the other man who later throws the water gun down.

    Mr Bowen said the nude dude was captured moving to the self-serve bay "Because he needed to rinse off".

    "The first one it comes out is a high pH, that dissolves grime and bird droppings," he said.

    "The next one is a neutraliser, a low pH. He was in the machine and he kept moving so the sensor detected 'there's something wrong here' and shut the machine off."

    Asked if it would have been burning, Mr Bowen said: "Yeah, I would reckon."

    "To do that you have to be young and have young skin," he said.

    The incident occurred just after midnight on Sunday, August 16.

    On Facebook the next day, Mr Bowen said they had a great weekend of washing with the new "Touchless Storm automatic".

    "We even had a man vs machine incident," he said.

    "Thank you for your patronage and hope you make a speedy recovery."

    He shared the vision of the "Golden moments, by popular demand" on Friday.

    The owner said the naked appearance was a "Rare event" however the response on social media had been "Great".

    "It's made it a very pleasant atmosphere, a very jovial workplace," Mr Bowen told

    "The word is that he's fine, his health is fine but he's not enjoying his new-found fame."

    "Business has been so good so I think we'll give him a few."

    This time the washes are for his car, not his backside.