Reno cop body cam shows accidental shooting after sun gun strike

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Summary generated on August 9, 2020

    Body-worn camera footage shows that a Reno police officer unintentionally shot a driver after the officer was struck by a responding Washoe County deputy's stun gun last month.

    More:Man hospitalized after officer-involved shooting with Reno police.

    Officer hit with taser, accidentally fires gun, footage showsBody camera footage released Sunday shows that the deputy fired a taser and missed, but one of the darts struck a Reno police officer in the knee - causing him to "Unintentionally" fire the gun once.

    As part of the Regional Officer-Involved Shooting Protocol, the Sparks Police Department took over the investigation into the shooting.

    Last month, local law enforcement leader also announced their plans to release body camera footage on police shooting within two weeks of an incident.

    Police department investigating: Names of those involved not releasedThe Reno Police Department, the Sparks Police Department and the Washoe County Sheriff's Office changed their policies to say investigators would release body camera footage within 14 days of a police shooting.

    Acting Reno Police Chief Tom Robinson previously stated the changes in policy were necessary to maintain trust within the Reno community.