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Summary generated on August 14, 2020

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    TRUMP STARING TO SOUND DESPERATEOne of the motorcyclists in South Dakota for the super spreader jamboree in Sturgis got thrashed by a mother bison.

    One of the most effective postures of candidate Donald Trump in 2016 was that he ran like he had nothing to lose - a wealthy man, erstwhile playboy and liver of the good life.

    Trump seemed genuinely not to understand why Americans recoiled from his barely veiled threat last year against the Ukrainian prime minister in an effort to scrounge up some dirt on the son of Joe Biden.

    As his defenders during the subsequent impeachment argued, the president can do anything he thinks is in the best interest of the nation, and Trump thinks his holding on to power is what's needed.

    As they say, Trump says the quiet part out loud.

    We're back in that same tall grass again this week as Trump toys publicly with a threat to sabotage mail-in voting unless House Democrats agree to his demands on a coronavirus stimulus.

    As Trump said today, unless Nancy Pelosi agrees to cut out spending that would benefit big cities, he will refuse any measure to provide the Postal Service the money it needs for the election.

    As with his Ukrainian power play, Trump seems not to understand how this position might look to voters coming from the president who directs through his appointees the Postal Service: Give him what he wants, or he will precipitate election disaster that he believes would be in his benefit.

    On Thursday, Trump warned Attorney General Bill Barr to hurry up with an investigation of misconduct in the probe of the Trump campaign for ties to the Kremlin.

    Trump said he knew Biden was guilty and was growing impatient for results.

    Today, the Justice Department probe got its first scalp in its probe, a staff lawyer at the FBI who pleaded guilty to doctoring an email from the CIA in order to make it easier to maintain a wiretap on a member of Trump's campaign.

    We have no reason to believe that U.S. Attorney John Durham was capitulating to Trump's pressure.

    Trump's fulminations badly detract from the image of a politically impartial Justice Department Durham is tasked with pursuing.

    When Trump says Attorney General Bill Barr had better come across on the Biden business or be cast aside as "Just another guy" it leaves Barr to tell reporters that he and his team will "Use our prudent judgment to decide what's appropriate before the election and what should wait until after the election."

    After all of Trump's pressuring and wheedling of the Justice Department, just imagine how "Prudent" it would appear for the federal prosecutors to do anything to criminally implicate the opposition candidate.

    "I would think it would certainly help Donald Trump win reelection and certainly be pretty good, I would say, evidence about not voting for Vice President Biden."

    As Trump fumes and rages and threatens he does not much seem like a man with the light touch on the reins that voters prefer.

    The more desperate Trump seems to maintain power, the more likely he is to end up with a bison horn where he won't like it.

    SCOREBOARDNATIONAL HEAD-TO-HEAD AVERAGETrump: 42.8 percent Biden: 52 percent Size of lead: Biden by 10.6 points Change from one week ago: Biden 0.2 points, Trump 2.2 points.